Leslie K. Arfine

Litigator    I   Appellate Counsel

Leslie K. Arfine has twenty-five years of experience as a private practice litigator in New York State working primarily with insurance defense firms. She has represented domestic and international corporations, municipalities, police agencies, and insurance carriers in civil litigation matters including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, products liability, civil rights claims, workers’ compensation and municipal liability.

Leslie is a seasoned appellate attorney. She has prepared more than 120 appellate briefs and argued more than 100 appeals in New York State and federal appellate courts. She also has expansive substantive and procedural motion practice experience. She is a particularly skilled legal researcher, analyst and writer. 


A native of New York State, Leslie received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and earned a Juris Doctor from Pace University School of Law.  She is admitted to practice in New York, Connecticut and the United States District Court, Southern District of New York.

Leslie is very involved in her community. She has held multiple leadership roles on the board of directors for youth lacrosse, high school lacrosse and high school cross country/track and field for many years.  


Arfine, Leslie K. (1995). Casualty Insurance: The Latest Developments of Interest to Defense Counsel. Defense Counsel Journal, 424-426

Valentine v. Grossman, 83 AD2d 571, 724 NYS2d 504 (2nd Dept. 2001). Leslie K. Arfine for defendant-appellant. The appellate court vacated the $8.9 million verdict in a negligence action on the grounds that trial court should have allowed the testimony of a biomechanical engineer that was probative on the issue of whether an automobile accident was severe enough to have caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Subsequently cited in New York Evidence Handbook: Rules, Theories and Practice, Aspen Publishers 2002 and relied upon in New York and other jurisdictions including Arizona and New Jersey.

Fincher v. Village of Ossining, et al., 979 FSupp 985 (SDNY 1997). Leslie K. Arfine for defendant Village of Ossining. In action against the Village and Village police officers for malicious prosecution, false arrest and conspiracy, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York granted defendant’s motion for summary judgment with respect to plaintiff’s federal 42 USC §1983 civil rights and pendent state claims.

Hines v. RAP Realty Corp., 258 AD2d 440 (2nd Dept. 1999), lv. to app. den., 93 NY2d 812 (1999). Leslie K. Arfine for defendant-appellant. Defendant landlord moved for summary judgment dismissing plaintiff’s complaint alleging lead paint poisoning. The Appellate Division reversed the lower court’s order denying defendant’s motion on the grounds that constructive notice cannot be imputed based on evidence of the widespread media reports addressing the prevalence of lead paint in older dwellings. Plaintiff’s complaint was dismissed in its entirety.