Why Choose Philbin Law

Philbin Law understands the complexity, dynamics and challenges facing corporate executives. Our firm will help you identify the legal issues companies face, prioritize the risks, and formulate solutions.  We will manage your legal solutions and collaborate with your internal lawyers or outside counsel as needed. We will resolve your issues in the most efficient, timely, and pragmatic manner, leaving you to run your business while we solve your legal challenges.

Philbin Law is your “Outsourced General Counsel” when you:

  • consider expanding through acquisition or opening a new office domestically or internationally
  • downsize or restructure through sales of assets or businesses and reductions-in-force
  • negotiate with unions or facing a picketing, union-organizing campaign or strike
  • are a government entity considering use of a project labor agreement on your construction project
  • are a defendant in a lawsuit in an employment, breach of contract, business tort, intellectual property, personal injury or product liability case
  • establish or update a corporate compliance and governance program
  • face a brand crisis due to an adverse event or corporate campaign that has hit the media
  • have an intellectual property concern or dispute

Philbin Law also can help when you:

  • receive a subpoena from or are under investigation by prosecutors or government agencies in the U.S or abroad
  • have a workplace fatality and public investigators are on your worksite
  • are evaluating the efficacy of an appeal
  • want to resolve a dispute or file a lawsuit
  • require per diem or local counsel to represent your interests at court appearances, hearings, or depositions
  • need a consultation regarding any legal issue with independent outside counsel before investing considerable resources litigating

Philbin Law has practical business and legal experience in these industries and others: